Our various ministries cater for physical and spiritual needs. Reaching out and touching lives in different ways. You are welcome to be part of what God is doing in our city of Bern and beyond.



In CHRIST INTERNATIONAL CHURCH we know that our GOD IS LOVE. That is reassuring for we know He is able to answer our prayers always. When you join this ministry, you can learn how to change your prayer life from a dry one - way monologue to a loving dialogue with God as you share your deepest secrets, requests and needs with Him. By learning to restore an intimate relationship with God you will form a loving union with him that will overflow your life with deep joy and fulfilment.

Joy Ministry


The world needs total women more than ever as our civilisation suffers great onslaught from a society increasingly becoming devoid of godly fear and wisdom. The family needs to rise up and teach godly values in our homes especially to our children who will be leaders of tomorrow and we women, with our motherly privilege of raising children have important role to play in bringing sanity, joy and godliness to our world.

Joy Fellowship alias Deborah ministry intends building up powerful ladies, like Prophetess Deborah, who can make great impact on their family members, neighbourhood and entire nation. Some of our goals include:

Children Ministry


As you bring your child/ren to Church, you are making a good step to expose them to regular teaching of the Word of God. We take time to tell Bible Stories, sing with them and have good discussions to groom their faith. Their questions concerning God are also patiently answered.

We (Parents and Children Ministry) have to strengthen our children with the words of God making them bold Ambassadors and workers of God. Jesus loved the kid greatly when He was on earth and we need to follow His footsteps raising our children with love.



It is not enough to complain about the evil we see with our youngsters of today. They are products of ungodly programs and information that litter around our media (television, radio, newspapers etc.) It is the main goal of this ministry to help transform lives of our young ones to a bright one by picking their visions from the word of God. That is the only way to keep them perfect, happy and fulfilled.



It is our duty in this ministry to support and lead the congregation into intimate worship of God.
Contrary to the expectation of many Christians, it is our duty to enter the presence of the Lord before we can partake in the fullness of joy available there. He dwells in the praises of His people! He is Holy God who will not stay in environment of hopelessness and sadness that practically signify lack of trust in His ability to fulfil and satisfy our entire needs. As members of Music Ministry (Choir), our primary responsibility is to lead congregation to the presence of God and help all cultivate a life of gratitude and praise to God.



Our outreach mission is far beyond regular organisation of outreaches both within and outside church premises. We conduct hospital and home visitation of members and as necessary provides for needs of the poor and family. We offer our body parts as extension of the body of Christ to anyone that might need our support and assistant in receiving Christ Jesus as His / Her saviour.